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The camp is always changing and growing as the Lord provides for all of our needs.  Currently we have a donated home that is in the process of being remodeled.  The work is being done as time, materials and funds permit.  So far it has a new roof, power and water hooked up and is structurally sound.  Most of the work left is cosmetic and will be done by the men in the program.  It still has a way to go before it will be ready to be used for anything from a new dorm for more men, staff housing, or possibly a new family on camp.  

The F.A.R.M has also become a farm this year with the planting of our garden and the addition of our newest residents...approximately 60 chickens...I say approximately because there are more that will be hatching soon.  The garden will provide fresh veggies and fruit and the chickens are already providing the eggs.