Matt Naker

Assistant Director

Jeremiah Guynn


Nick Land

Who We Are

​​​The first man came to the F.A.R.M. in October 2014 as the result of many years of faithful prayer and support from the body of Christ and the local community.  ​Addiction affects millions of families nationwide including the panhandle of Florida and our home here in Bonifay.   Almost no one is untouched by it in some way.  It not only affects the addict themselves, but it rips families apart.   Our own families are no different.   

Our Leadership

All of The F.A.R.M. staff and leadership come from a history of addiction.  All have been through the program and understand what it takes to surrender their lives to God and be successful in the ongoing regeneration process.  Being able to relate to the men in this way is very effective when teaching them a new way to live.  We understand where they're at because we've walked in their shoes.   We know what it's like to feel like all is lost and there is no hope.   We've also experienced what it's like to have all that hope restored and to have peace and a purpose.  That is why we are help other men experience God's love and see their lives and families restored.

Zach Bush

Kenny Swanson