​A Day at the F.A.R.M...

An average day at the FARM is very different from an average day in addiction.  We follow more routine than we’re used to, but this is good for us. We wake up and get up at the same time every day. ​ We make our bed, brush our teeth, shave and are ready for breakfast on time.  After breakfast each man has daily cleaning responsibilities then it's on to the most important part of the day.

Quiet Time is a time reserved every morning for meditation and prayer.  We develop the habit of spending time alone with the Lord every morning, learning to hear his voice and journaling.​  This is probably the most important discipline men will learn at the FARM, because it sets the course for the entire day.

Building Relationships is an essential part of every man's Christian walk and successful sobriety.  Most have never really had many, if any, healthy relationships in their lives.  During their free time in the evenings and on weekends, men in the program do homework assignments together, fellowship and do recreational activities.  There are no phones, TV's or radios for entertainment.  Those distractions are removed, and the men work on having healthy accountable relationships that they will need for the rest of their lives.  How we treat each other is how we will treat our families after the program.  

Class Time is the second most important time of the day.  We recognize that regeneration does not take place by merely passing time in a chemical free environment.  In class the men will learn about chemical dependency as well as other life problems, such as their inability to properly relate to God, others, and themselves.  Most importantly, they will learn to overcome these problems.

Work begins promptly after class.  The work assignments are the real test of a man's commitment to the program.  In his everyday activities he learns to walk out what he learns in class.  He will be assigned to all kinds of different jobs wherever needed.  No one picks his own job.  Some he will like, and others he will not.  Learning to do a hard job with a good attitude is a mark of maturity and a good reflection of where a man is at spiritually.  Typical jobs include firewood processing, landscape maintenance, light construction projects, and various camp maintenance.  Working well with others and learning to ask for help are essential relationship skills that are developed.