Give hope to those who need it most!




At The FARM, we aim to rebuild hope where it’s been damaged or lost. We work with men who want help, that are desperate & have been brought to their knees in one way or another due to having no control over their addiction & their life.  We believe the Christian approach to alcohol and drug addiction produces the most effective and enduring results. Therefore, we teach that the Bible is the inspired word of God directing us to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Through the experience of the "New Birth in Christ" , an addicted person achieves not only sobriety, but more important, a permanent lasting relationship with the loving God who created him. 



EzEKIEL 37:4-5......  'DRY BONES, hear the word of the lord !! This is what the sovereign lord says to these bones: "i will make breath enter you , and you will come to life."







Give your helping hand to those who need it !

Help God save mens lives & restore families !!

our mission: