REGENERATION -This is a ten week period where Biblical counseling, classroom teachings, and small groups are methods used to address the spiritual, mental, and physical issues involved with addiction. They learn how chemical dependency damages our thinking process and the controlling effects our addiction has. Through learning these things, denial and defense mechanisms are exposed.

    During this time, the men also will begin to be assigned positions of responsibility. This may be on the job site, in the dorm or in the kitchen.  

INNER HEALING - This is a ten week period that involves the process where the man learns that forgiveness is the key to spiritual maturity and that the cross is the focal point for all forgiveness. They can be focused solely on the healing needed for their own woundedness. Looking at himself on a deeper level & being able to be open & vulnerable with the class will bring true healing and acceptance. In class they will look at & discuss issues such as rejection, grieving, sexual addiction, judgments, and forgiveness. These discussions are designed to bring up wounds that are needed to look at. Through the dysfunction of most addicts home life, they may have been hurt and become angry and bitter. Ultimately turning from being the victim to being the victimizer. They will learn to see this , take ownership & move forward in the healing & recovery process. 


INDUCTION -  This is a four week period of time where the man will start to clear his mind & learn about the structure & rules of The FARM. When a man enters the program he will be assigned a "Big Brother" who will serve as a mentor and help him understand these rules . He will also introduce him to Journaling & hearing from the Lord during quiet time which is the most important tool used throughout the entire program. The man will attend class each day with the other men & also begin work on the job site.      

ORIENTATION - Over the next 6 to 8 weeks we start to help the men focus on trust and ownership. First and foremost developing a trust in God and them self. This is important to be able to look at the areas where they destroyed their life & hurt others due to the choices they made in their addiction.  ​​The men begin to take responsibility for their actions. They look at areas in their life such as relationships, finances, and legal matters and the effects their addiction has caused. He will then write a personal contract stating specific achievable goals he intends to attain during the remainder of the program. They will eventually go through an event called their "Houses" . This is where he will present to the class and staff a timeline of his life & what has taken place up to where he is now. Being able to see woundedness and consequences of his actions. At the end of his "Houses" , staff & teachers will help him by giving input & discernment regarding any denial or projection he may have & where he needs to take responsibility. Staff will also help him walk through prayer & forgiveness that needs to take place in order for the man to heal & move forward in his recovery.

DISCIPLESHIP - The last ten week period where he learns to take his focus off his addiction and who he use to be and learn to walk in the truth of who God says he is. They are held to a higher standard and are leaders in the program and become "Big Brothers" to the new men coming in. They will begin teaching a few classes and assisting their "younger brothers" with their forgiveness letters. They are given certain leadership oppertunities & are given more intense accountability & challenges. They will give back and help . This in turn will help them with work ethic, character and integrity. After discipleship , they will have completed the program and will graduate on a set date.

​​REGENERATION PROGRAM -  The FARM is a place of regeneration for men and families struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. Men come into the program with low self esteem and little hope that their lives can ever change. We believe that the Christian approach to alcohol and drug addiction produces the most effective and enduring results. They experience a personal relationship with God, a healthy work ethic, and freedom from the bondage of addiction. The "New Birth in Christ" achieves not only sobriety, but more important , a permanent and lasting relationship with God. 


        A Christ-centered regeneration program is distinctly different than secular recovery approaches in that it includes material learned from the scientific community while centering on a man's relationship with God and his need for reconciliation and spiritual healing.